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The SanyuSisters Podcast - Uniting researchers across the world


Sanyu Research is home to the SanyuSisters Podcast, set up by Dr Teesta Dey and Dr Amber Wilson, both obstetrics trainees in the North West.

This friendly global podcast aims to promote unity and collaboration and share the trials and triumphs of research and most importantly learn from colleagues across the globe.

Their first series “Sidestepping COVID: Keeping Research On Track” journeyed through the research cycle, from starting out and building a research question to dissemination of findings. The second series is now available: "Hear her: Pioneers in International Health".

The podcast provides an honest conversation about challenges faced, innovative solutions and positive lessons learned from COVID 19.

Teesta and Amber of the SanyuSisters Podcast

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“We wanted to create a podcast to engage with other researchers globally and build and share this important dialogue.”



“There are so many agencies working to protect women’s maternal health and prevent newborn deaths and stillbirths – we want to help and support each other.”